Episode 53 – Roster, Batting Order, Contest

T-Ray presents you the past week of preseason action, and talks about who should make the Opening Day 28-man roster. He also presents three possible hitting orders, including one for when injured players come back. What’s your ideal batting order lo

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Hanshin Payroll #3 in NPB

Over the years, Hanshin has been known as a big spending baseball club. This is true to an extent, with the team consistently ranking in the top half of the salary rankings. It looks like this coming season, the team will rank #3, well behind the top two

Book Review – White Ball Crosses the Pacific

My worst subject in school was history. By a long shot. I could memorize the numbers and dates without a problem, but I couldn’t get excited about what people did centuries before I was born. Masaru Ikei’s book 白球太平洋を渡る (White

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Episode 52 – Position Battles

T-Ray presents you the past week of preseason action, including the exhibition game against Samurai Japan. Also, a look at all the players fighting for playing time and spots on the opening day roster. Who do you like at 1B, 2B, 3B, C? Send us an e-mail (

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Haraguchi Converted to First

Happy Birthday, Haraguchi!!! (March 3) Original article can be seen here 元の記事はこちら Catcher Fumihito Haraguchi (25) took fielding practice at first base on March 2 as Hanshin resumed team workouts at Koshien. Manager Tomoaki Kanemoto and the

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