Day 2 – Spring Training Bullpen Video

Here’s a brief look at some of the bullpen pitching I watched over the first couple of days at spring training. Apparently Kyuji Fujikawa was the first man in the pen on Day 1, and then on Day 2 it was Akifumi Takahashi. But once again, Atsushi Nohmi blows everyone away with his work ethic. He stayed in longer than anyone on Tuesday morning! Randy Messenger looked great, as did Minoru Iwata and the above mentioned guys. The funniest to me was watching Naoto Tsuru from up close – he kept saying “yossha-” (here we go! or yesss!) but then the umpires would call “ball!” on nearly every pitch! If you can’t throw strikes in the bullpen you won’t throw many on the real mound, man! Hope you find your control this spring!

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