Translation – Oh to Undergo Gambling Investigation

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Another huge tremor is shaking the Hanshin area. Pitcher Seung-hwan Oh (33), who has completed his 2-year contract with the Tigers and is being begged to come back, is being summoned to be investigated concerning illegal gambling overseas, reports Korean media.

All the Korean newspapers were reporting this on their websites the morning of the 7th. “Seung-hwan Oh will be summoned as a suspect in an off-the-record investigation,” say the reports. It also says that Oh has expressed a willingness to cooperate with the investigation. Chang-yong Lim (39, former Yakult Swallow) has been implicated in illegal overseas gambling and after investigations, was removed from Korea’s Samsung Lions roster on November 30. There is a strong possibility that he will face a serious punishment from the Korea Baseball Organization. As a former teammate and someone who was seen with Lim in public and in private, Oh is in a tough position. This report comes just as Oh seeks to negotiate a deal with a major league club in an attempt to fulfill his lifelong dream of playing in America. Hanshin manager Tomoaki Kanemoto (47) has expressed his eagerness to hold on to the pending free agent, though the team now must figure out how to respond to these allegations as well.

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