Podcast Episode 12

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Co-hosts T-Ray and Whiz-Oh talk about the first stage of the Climax Series – Tigers vs. Giants. The rest of the show is a mixture of various topics, such as a look back on the whole season, giving thanks to Yutaka Wada for 31 years of service with the Hanshin Tigers, and a shout-out to the HTEN Facebook Group faithful!

Opening song – 君は君だけ: Kimi wa Kimi dake (Hakugaijin)

Closing song – 夕焼け: Yuuyake (Aki Bubeck – Ukulele Punk Girl)

Recorded October 12, 2015 (Canadian Thanksgiving)

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T-Ray is the founder, chief writer and Junior Executive Vice President of Hanshin Tigers English News (H-TEN). Find him on Twitter @thehanshintiger.