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Monthly Hanshin Tigers – August 2017

A funny thing happened with the July 2017 edition mail-in contest. I enter it from time to time, and have yet to win. But they always ask you to make a comment about the magazine – requests or what have you. So I wrote: “I’m looking forw

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Hanshin Payroll #3 in NPB

Over the years, Hanshin has been known as a big spending baseball club. This is true to an extent, with the team consistently ranking in the top half of the salary rankings. It looks like this coming season, the team will rank #3, well behind the top two

Spring Training 2017 – 3rd Cool* News

* The Japanese use the word クール (from the French cours = course / installment / season) to divide the spring training sessions into parts. But since クール is usually used to mean “cool” I have turned it into a cool headline. Hope th

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Monthly Hanshin Tigers – February 2017

This day marks the beginning of spring training every year for Japanese baseball teams. The Hanshin Tigers’ top squad is down in Ginoza, Okinawa, while the second squad opens in Aki, Kochi. Click here for more details about the spring schedule. In a

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