Episode 60 – Koi Kudari (Taking Down the Carp)

FYI – Koi Nobori is a type of carp streamer that people put up during Golden Week. Hanshin took down the carp, hence, Koi Kudari. In Episode 60, T-Ray shares the latest team news, recaps the 6 games over the past week (3 @ Swallows, 3 vs. Carp), c

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You Need These Shirts!

Kakehashi Sports – Stylish Hanshin Merchandise Well, not necessarily these particular shirts – they’ve already been on my back, and you’ll probably want something new. Not to mention, even though I like Mauro Gomez and all, heR

Episode 59 – April Wrap-Up & Wild Projections

T-Ray shares the latest team news, recaps the 5 games over the past week (2 vs. BayStars, 3 vs. Dragons), chooses a player of the week, a hitter and pitcher of the month. A new theme song introduces Wacky Tomoaki, and then for the hot topic, T-Ray looks

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Monthly Hanshin Tigers – May 2017

A month of the 2017 season is already in the rearview mirror. If anyone had told me at season’s start that Hanshin would play .500 ball (or better) against the Carp (3-3) and Giants (3-2) combined, I’d have taken it to the bank. And now I can!

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Campbell’s First RBI

I was fortunate enough to have pretty good seats at Thursday night’s Hanshin vs. Yokohama tilt. I was also lucky to have my camera on the new import Eric Campbell for his entire at bat that ended in his first career RBI. Check it out: Facebook Comme