Mendez Press Conference

New relief pitcher Roman Mendez (age 26, formerly of the Boston Red Sox and Texas Rangers) arrived in Japan on the 28th and met the press formally for the first time on the 29th in Nishinomiya. Here is a partial transcript of his Q & A: -What’

Mateo, Mendez Arrive in Japan

Although both Marcos Mateo and Roman Mendez came off the airplane in t-shirts, for some reason only the latter made headlines for his attire. The flame-throwing Dominican relievers arrived in the Kansai area on the 28th with huge smiles on their faces.

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Campbell Press Conference

Less than 24 hours after arriving in Japan, newly signed infielder Eric Campbell met the press in Nishinomiya on the 27th. Below is a translation of what was found online. Some answers were transcribed from video I saw, the rest were my best attempt at tr

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Campbell Arrives, Meets Press

Newest Hanshin Tigers import (and former New York Met infielder) Eric Campbell arrived in Japan on the 26th. He flew via Narita Airport into Itami (Osaka). The press greeted him with questions right away – which is to be expected, I suppose. He said

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The Importance of Imports

As Hanshin got close to reaching a deal with free agent Yoshio Itoi, it had some important decisions to make. First, would he play center field, or right? One big idea that had been floating around since practice sessions in September was that incumbent r

Monthly Hanshin Tigers – January 2017

It’s a new year, and for (at least) the third consecutive January, the team manager graces the magazine’s cover. In 2015 it was Yutaka Wada, and for the second straight year now, Tomoaki Kanemoto gets interviewed about his thoughts on the upco

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