2017 Pre-Draft Report

In order to determine whether or not a draft was successful, more often than not a few years are needed. Some players need a long time to develop. Others start out strongly and fizzle out quickly. But we can also evaluate a draft by the strategy the team

2017-18 Offseason Reading Program

Last year I posted a list of 8 books that I had hoped to plow through during the offseason. I got through most of them, plus a few extras I picked up along the way, and just a day after the 2017 season ended, I completed the final book from that list. Wel

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I Changed the Awful Tigers!

As most of you know, the Hanshin Tigers experienced a long drought between 1986 and 2002. The team had just one 2nd place finish during that spell against 10 last place seasons. They became known as ダメ虎 (Dame Tora = Awful Tigers) and looked to be pe

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Episode 73 – Why Did We Lose?

   Host T-Ray recaps the First Stage of the Climax Series game by game, gives some general impressions of the games, names a Player of the Series, and discusses (with himself) what is lacking or missing from these Hanshin Tigers. What do you think they

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