#29 & #48 – Campbell/Rogers Cheer

Romaji Japanese English
Tsuyoku Takaku Bo-ru Tobase 強く高くボール飛ばせ Launch the ball strong and high
Rettsu go- Kyanberu/Roja-su レッツゴーキャンベル Let’s Go, Campbell/Rogers!
Sa- yuku zo sho-ri e susume susume susume さぁ行くぞ勝利へ 進め進め進め OK let’s go towards victory, advance advance advance
Kyanberu/Roja-su! Kyanberu/Roja-su! キャンベル!キャンベル! Campbell/Rogers! Campbell/Rogers!
  • The song uses “Taiga-su” (Tigers) since the song is meant to be a generic song for any foreign hitter… so depending on who is on the top squad, Campbell’s or Rogers’ name goes in that space.
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