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Iwasada Implodes, Immediately Evicted

  To save you from having to read a depressing series recap, this report comes to you a little early with a bit of a startling move by Tomoaki Kanemoto and the Hanshin Tigers. Pitcher Yuta Iwasada, who once again struggled mightily (with perhaps his

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Injuries Added to Insult

It was bad enough that the team lost two of three against the Hiroshima Carp earlier this week. The first game was a low-scoring affair, one that our starter dominated for six innings and our relievers held their boots on the jugulars of the CL leaders. B

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“Dame Gaijin” – Who’s to Blame?

Hanshin has recently announced the signing of first baseman Jason Rogers. Apparently he is quite excited to be joining the team, as he answered a random fan’s direct messages on Twitter about his arrival date (before the deal was officially announce

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Interleague – Designated WHAT?

Interleague play gives Central League teams a chance, for nine games, to imagine what it must be like to have an extra big bat in the lineup. For teams who have been sacrificing sound defense for having a good bat in the lineup, this is a chance to shore

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You Need These Shirts!

Kakehashi Sports – Stylish Hanshin Merchandise Well, not necessarily these particular shirts – they’ve already been on my back, and you’ll probably want something new. Not to mention, even though I like Mauro Gomez and all, heR

Toritani NPB’s 2nd Greatest Ironman Ever

On Tuesday night, Hanshin Tigers third baseman Takashi Toritani tied his manager Tomoaki Kanemoto for the second longest consecutive games streak in NPB history with 1766. (The top spot is held by Hiroshima Carp legend Sachio Kinugasa, with 2215 games.) T

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