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2017 Playoff Primer

It sure has been a dry stretch in the NPB baseball season. Having played just one game in the past week, the Tigers must be feeling quite antsy to get the playoff schedule started! We fans feel the same way, too, no doubt. As we wait for the playoffs to s

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Iwasada Implodes, Immediately Evicted

  To save you from having to read a depressing series recap, this report comes to you a little early with a bit of a startling move by Tomoaki Kanemoto and the Hanshin Tigers. Pitcher Yuta Iwasada, who once again struggled mightily (with perhaps his

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Injuries Added to Insult

It was bad enough that the team lost two of three against the Hiroshima Carp earlier this week. The first game was a low-scoring affair, one that our starter dominated for six innings and our relievers held their boots on the jugulars of the CL leaders. B

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