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2017 Offseason Roster Shuffle

At season’s end, the Hanshin Tigers roster (top and farm combined) consisted of 69 players. The maximum allowed under NPB rules is 70. With that having been said, how has the team shaken out since the last game of the year on October 17? Retired: RP

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Who’d we Get for Yamato?

As most of you are aware, the best defensive player we’ve had this century has left the club for bluer pastures. That’s right. Yamato exercised his free agent rights and signed a three-year deal with the Yokohama DeNA BayStars, which is said t

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2017 Draftees Get Numbers

For pictures of the new guys in their uniforms, click here 🐯阪神入団発表会❗️😆 皆んな、頑張ってくれよな。👍#阪神タイガース — ⚾️埼とら⚾️来季も怪我無く! (@yakyuragu) Dece

2017 Pre-Draft Report

In order to determine whether or not a draft was successful, more often than not a few years are needed. Some players need a long time to develop. Others start out strongly and fizzle out quickly. But we can also evaluate a draft by the strategy the team

2017-18 Offseason Reading Program

Last year I posted a list of 8 books that I had hoped to plow through during the offseason. I got through most of them, plus a few extras I picked up along the way, and just a day after the 2017 season ended, I completed the final book from that list. Wel

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