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Monthly Hanshin Tigers – August 2017

A funny thing happened with the July 2017 edition mail-in contest. I enter it from time to time, and have yet to win. But they always ask you to make a comment about the magazine – requests or what have you. So I wrote: “I’m looking forw

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Monthly Hanshin Tigers – July 2017

The calendar has been flipped here in Japan, which means a new start of sorts. Hanshin sure is in need of it! Click here for July’s game schedule. And now that July is here, let’s take a look at the latest Monthly Hanshin Tigers magazine! He

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Monthly Hanshin Tigers – June 2017

Interleague is upon us, and Hanshin is sitting 10 games above .500 heading into June. Not bad when compared with last season, when they were a game under water at this point. Click here for June’s game schedule. This month’s cover man is n

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You Need These Balloons!

If and when you go to Koshien Stadium for a Hanshin Tigers game, you will want to be part of all the fan festivities. In order to do so, you will want to enjoy the 7th inning balloon release. Of course, you need balloons in order to take part! How/where t

Closing Out a Fine Night

On Tuesday night, I had the privilege of going to watch the Hanshin Tigers face the Chunichi Dragons. Without going into too many details about the game (series recap will come out after Thursday’s match), suffice to say that there was little drama

You Need These Shirts!

Kakehashi Sports – Stylish Hanshin Merchandise Well, not necessarily these particular shirts – they’ve already been on my back, and you’ll probably want something new. Not to mention, even though I like Mauro Gomez and all, heR

Monthly Hanshin Tigers – May 2017

A month of the 2017 season is already in the rearview mirror. If anyone had told me at season’s start that Hanshin would play .500 ball (or better) against the Carp (3-3) and Giants (3-2) combined, I’d have taken it to the bank. And now I can!

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Monthly Hanshin Tigers – April 2017

Yesterday was the first day of the new season! What a wild game! Still 142 games to go, and here’s to hoping the Tigers are in the thick of the chase all the way! (Or that they are running away with the pennant by all-star break!) Click here for Ap

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