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Monthly Hanshin Tigers – April 2017

Yesterday was the first day of the new season! What a wild game! Still 142 games to go, and here’s to hoping the Tigers are in the thick of the chase all the way! (Or that they are running away with the pennant by all-star break!) Click here for Ap

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Fantasy Baseball Returns

Yes, that’s right, ladies and gentlemen. Last season, if you’ll recall, I did an informal “Fantasy Tigers” league with two of my friends. We drafted almost all the Tigers players, and kept track of first squad and farm stats to det

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Hanshin Payroll #3 in NPB

Over the years, Hanshin has been known as a big spending baseball club. This is true to an extent, with the team consistently ranking in the top half of the salary rankings. It looks like this coming season, the team will rank #3, well behind the top two

Monthly Hanshin Tigers – March 2017

Yesterday was the last day of spring training in Ginoza, Okinawa (top squad) and in Aki, Kochi (second squad). The exhibition schedule starts on March 3 with a warm-up game against Samurai Japan, followed by one the next day against Team Australia. Both w

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Monthly Hanshin Tigers – February 2017

This day marks the beginning of spring training every year for Japanese baseball teams. The Hanshin Tigers’ top squad is down in Ginoza, Okinawa, while the second squad opens in Aki, Kochi. Click here for more details about the spring schedule. In a

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Monthly Hanshin Tigers – January 2017

It’s a new year, and for (at least) the third consecutive January, the team manager graces the magazine’s cover. In 2015 it was Yutaka Wada, and for the second straight year now, Tomoaki Kanemoto gets interviewed about his thoughts on the upco

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Monthly Hanshin Tigers – December 2016

It was printed, pressed and distributed before the Rookie of the Year Award was handed to him, but it is definitely fitting to have budding superstar Shun Takayama on the cover of the final edition of the magazine for this year. (Incidentally, he was also

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