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Hanging Out with a Tiger

Now, I’ve had my encounters with Hanshin Tigers players before. Some of you remember my report about meeting Matt Murton at Starbucks. Others will have read my more recent report about bumping into (not literally, thank God) Randy Messenger, Mauro G

Legend or Myth? BOTH!

Some people say Santa Claus doesn’t exist or is not real. They might be right, and Santa might be nothing but a myth, but I met a legend who was dressed as a myth, visiting Japan to bring joy and hope to millions. As he does many Decembers, former H

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A Brush with Greatness – Cyber-style

Yesterday my fellow Hanshin Tigers fan Peter Gibson, who lives down in Australia and will be featured on the next podcast, dropped a bomb on his Facebook page: he and Tigers legend (that word is practically an understatement, as he is practically deified

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Fan Appreciation Day @ Koshien

More fans showed up at Koshien Stadium yesterday than on many days on which the Tigers hosted a baseball game. The reason: the team’s annual Fan Appreciation Day took place from 12pm until around 4pm. The weather was great and the turn out was repor

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I won! I won!

I’m not sure how many different draws I entered. At least three, I think. This year’s Hanshin Tigers Fan Appreciation Day will be held on November 21 (Saturday) at Koshien Stadium and features a lot of great mini-events. I tried winning throug

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Great Day to Be Me!

I got to Koshien Stadium around 11am, despite not having a ticket to tonight’s game or even the intention of attending. And I didn’t. But I did get to take in the Koshien Stadium Museum for the first time ever, and followed it up with a tour o

Happy Birthday to… (Part 2)

It’s been awhile since I did a birthday shoutout to a player on here. That one was for my favorite player, Matt Murton. This one is a shoutout to ME! Yes, I turned 40 yesterday. And I ranted about the Tigers’ 15-1 loss on Saturday and said I

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Stars Simply Get Closer…

On Sunday afternoon, I went to my first ever sumo basho in Osaka. It was Day 1 of the spring tournament, and I stood outside the Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium hoping to get close to the rikishi as they strode in. I was thrilled to be standing just a few met

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