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Around Koshien – Beat Tamashii Shop

“We don’t create officially licensed goods,” the store’s owner, Takeshi Matsuda (designerMa2da) explained to me. “Most of the gear you find in other shops are player-centered. I wanted to create items that were more fan-cente

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Susano Shrine, a.k.a. Koshien Shrine

We all want our home team to win. Every game. But they can’t. They don’t. The best of the best teams (in nearly any sport) will only win about 3 out of every 4 games. Fans are often told they make a difference in the team’s success. How

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You Need These Balloons!

If and when you go to Koshien Stadium for a Hanshin Tigers game, you will want to be part of all the fan festivities. In order to do so, you will want to enjoy the 7th inning balloon release. Of course, you need balloons in order to take part! How/where t

The Babe Ruth Monument (Mizuno Square)

Did you know that the legendary Babe Ruth played a baseball game at Koshien Stadium? That’s right, el Bambino came to the stadium in 1934 when it was still just 10 years old! He was in the twilight years of his career, and legend has it that he was

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