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This is a list of baseball, NPB and Hanshin-related books I have read since the start of 2015. Feel free to click on the book thumbnails to read a detailed review. (They are listed roughly in the order I would recommend them to others.)

The thumbnailed books at the bottom of the page are ones in my library that are being read or waiting on deck. Give me some recommendations of other books you think are worth reading in the comments section!

Must Read

YougottahaveWAYou Gotta Have Wa – Robert Whiting

 白球太平洋を渡る (White Ball Crosses the Pacific) – Masaru Ikei

yoshidabook阪神タイガース (Hanshin Tigers) – Yoshio Yoshida

 Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game – Michael Lewis

kuehnart2愛すべき助っ人たち (Best “Gaikokujin” Players – Then & Now) – Marty Kuehnert

armpassanThe Arm: Inside the Billion Dollar Mystery of the Most Valuable Commodity in Sports – Jeff Passan

Should Read

chrysanthemumcoverThe Chrysanthemum and the Bat – Robert Whiting

 考える野球 (Thinking Baseball) – Katsuya Nomura

kuehnart1文武両道、日本になし (Where are the Scholar-Athletes?) – Marty Kuehnert

throwbackcoverThrowback – Jason Kendall and Lee Judge

meaningichiroThe Meaning of Ichiro – Robert Whiting

 Hanshin Tigers: 1965-1978 – Yusuke Nakagawa

 日本制覇 阪神タイガース (Hanshin Tigers, Rulers of Japan) – Asahi Newspaper

historytreasuresAHanshin Tigers History Treasures – Baseball Magazine Publishers

kyojinhanshinron巨人−阪神論 (Giants/Tigers Discourse) – Suguru Egawa and Masayuki Kakefu

この一年バースが言いたかったこと (What Bass Wanted to Say This Year) – Keigo “Kenny” Hirao

scorer007虎の007 スコアラー室から見た阪神タイガースの戦略 (Hanshin Strategy as Seen by Tigers Scorers) – Hiroshi Miyake

torigoebook本当は強い 阪神タイガース (Hanshin Tigers – Actually Strong) – Norio Torigoe

マートンのバイブル (Murton’s Bible) – Sankei Sports

bassdiariesバースの日記 (The Bass Diaries) – Randy Bass

Could Read

dametora ダメ虎を変えた! (I Changed the Awful Tigers!) – Katsuyoshi Nozaki

 決断 〜阪神引退からのリスタート (The Decision)Norihiro Akahoshi

sluggingSlugging It Out in Japan – Warren Cromartie with Robert Whiting

hayhurstoutofmyleague Out of My League: A Rookie’s Survival in the Bigs – Dirk Hayhurst

cherryblossomsstarsstripescoverサクラと星条旗 (Cherry Blossoms Over the Stars and Stripes) – Robert Whiting

kuehnart3 スター選手はなぜ亡命するか (Why Are Star Players Defecting?) – Marty Kuehnert

kakefubookcover若虎よ! (Hey Young Tigers!) – Masayuki Kakefu

kanemotobook1覚悟のすすめ (Prepare and Proceed) – Tomoaki Kanemoto

kanemotojinseikakete人生賭けて 〜苦しみの後には必ず成長があった〜 (Put Your Life on the Line) – Tomoaki Kanemoto

NishiokaAutobio全力疾走 (Sprint) – Tsuyoshi Nishioka

SchoolofHanshinFans阪神ファンの流儀 (School of Hanshin Fans) – Nangin Kosugi

fujikawakyujimijukumono未熟者 (Immature Man) – Kyuji Fujikawa

No Need to Read

 眠れないほど面白い野球の見方 (Baseball: So Interesting You’ll Stay Up All Night) – Atsuo Kusu

 Japanese Baseball: A Fan’s Guide – Brian Maitland

OkadaTigersVictoryBookなぜ阪神はV字回復したのか? (How Hanshin Started Winning Again) – Akinobu Okada

NomuraBook阪神タイガースの黄金時代が永遠に来ない理由 (Why the Tigers’ Golden Age Will Never Come) – Katsuya Nomura

Currently Reading


Waiting to be Read



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