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This is a list of baseball, NPB and Hanshin-related books I have read since the start of 2015. Feel free to click on the book thumbnails to read a detailed review. (They are listed roughly in the order I would recommend them to others.)

The thumbnailed books at the bottom of the page are ones in my library that are waiting on deck. Give me some recommendations of other books you think are worth reading in the comments section!

Currently Reading

Home Runs

YougottahaveWAYou Gotta Have Wa – Robert Whiting

 白球太平洋を渡る (White Ball Crosses the Pacific) – Masaru Ikei

yoshidabook阪神タイガース (Hanshin Tigers) – Yoshio Yoshida

 Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game – Michael Lewis

kuehnart2愛すべき助っ人たち (Best “Gaikokujin” Players – Then & Now) – Marty Kuehnert

Banzai Babe Ruth: Baseball, Espionage, & Assassination During the 1934 Tour of Japan – Robert K. Fitts

armpassanThe Arm: Inside the Billion Dollar Mystery of the Most Valuable Commodity in Sports – Jeff Passan

Extra Base Hits

chrysanthemumcover kuehnart1throwbackcovermeaningichirohistorytreasuresAkyojinhanshinronscorer007torigoebookbassdiaries


dametoraslugginghayhurstoutofmyleaguecherryblossomsstarsstripescoverkuehnart3 kakefubookcoverkanemotobook1kanemotojinseikaketeNishiokaAutobioSchoolofHanshinFansfujikawakyujimijukumono



Waiting to be Read



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