Happy Valentine’s Day!

Some of you may know that Valentine’s Day is a different celebration in Japan. Guys, in fact, get to be lazy and just wait for the women in their lives to give them chocolates and other sweets. This word “women” includes spouse, female siblings, female co-workers (especially those younger than you or lower on the payroll, which, sadly, is most in the case of Japan… but this forum is not a place for social critiques). Men, no need to give flowers and/or chocolates to the lady of your life! *** T-Ray is not Japanese, and even though he tries to play by the rules of the land, this one has to be overlooked. Flowers and chocolates made their way to his wife! ***

Anyhow, my wife is Japanese, so she plays by her country’s rules. And this year, she pulled a solid. Check it out:

Sorry, I ate one chocolate before I even thought about taking a picture. You’ll have to forgive me! But yeah, I am thankful to be loved and appreciated.

And honey, I’ll return the favor to you on March 14, a.k.a. White Day. What kind of Tigers chocolates would you like???

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