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“We don’t create officially licensed goods,” the store’s owner, Takeshi Matsuda (designerMa2da) explained to me. “Most of the gear you find in other shops are player-centered. I wanted to create items that were more fan-centered. Things they could wear whether at games or not.”

But he’s also got some of those items you’ve seen hardcore fans wearing at games, and wondered how you could get you some. You want a good pair of knickerbockers? You know, the big baggy badboy pants that the superfans wear? Look no further. There are some really awesome looking duds in this shop.

My favorite is this t-shirt →

This is what it says, in perfect Osaka Dialect (which makes it sound like the actual words of an authentic Hanshin fan):

毎年いつも同じ夢みるねん  Every year, I always have the same dream

今年こそはと 夢みるねん  A dream that this year is the year

しかし最後はため息や。。。  But it ends with a sigh…

それでもファンはやめられん  Still, I can’t stop being a fan

それでも応援やめられん  Still, I can’t stop cheering

今年はなんかやりそうや  ‘Cuz we might do it this year 

ほんまになんかやりそうや! We really might do it this year!

Located just across the street from the gates near the right field stands, you could literally pop in there minutes before game time, make a quick impulse purchase, and still be in time for the first inning. (Well, other than the fact that they close at 5:00pm, according to their website.)

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