Spring Training 2018 – Le Premier Cours

I’ll be honest with you: I’ve had the flu all this month. I haven’t been awake most of the past 5 days. I didn’t see a ton of highlights or read most of the news. But what I did read, and what I do know, I bring to you. And it comes down to one man: Wilin Rosario.

Guess who’s got singing talent?

Guess who’s having fun with his new team???

Guess who’s hitting the ball hard and wooing coaches and teammates alike?

I could go on and on. He was victimized by a prank pulled off by Manager Kanemoto and the Dominican relievers, and took it in stride. He has been called a “clever hitter” by his manager already. He has caught warm up pitching.

And for now, that is all you need to know. The season is still 50+ days away, but for now, Rosario is the breath of fresh import air the team has been sorely missing lately.

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