Rosario’s Press Conference

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As always, I am basing this on the articles written in Japanese, and not the audio (which was probably in Spanish), so this translation should be seen as a paraphrase.

New Hanshin import infielder Wilin Rosario (28) arrived at Kansai International Airport on the 28th and had his first press conference that same day at team headquarters in Nishinomiya.

The proceedings started 8 minutes late, because according to team chairman Tanimoto, “He wanted to wear a suit when meeting the press for the first time, and changing clothes took time.”

The import looked sharp in his grey suit and blue tie, and had a few accessories on for style as well. When told by one interviewer that he looked great in the suit and smile, he grinned as he replied, “Arigato gozaimasu.”

How are you feeling right now?

I am extremely happy to be here and to be part of this new family.

How did you reach the decision to join this team?

I was interested in Japanese baseball from the time I was playing in Korea, and I heard that the level of play here was really high. I was told by the team that they needed my help, and I decided to come.

What is your impression of the Hanshin Tigers?

I don’t know much yet, but I want to learn more, and I especially want to get to know my new teammates.

What are your strengths as a player?

Over the past few years I’ve really worked hard to improve my contact rate, and I get hits when the team needs them the most. Power, contact and getting lots of RBIs are the three things I focus on, so those are my strengths.

You are being counted on to be the team’s cleanup hitter. What are your thoughts about where you’ll hit in the order?

I just have to do my job wherever the manager puts me. There might be lineup shuffles, so I just have to do my job where I’m told to be.

What’s your image of Japanese pitchers?

I got some video footage from the scouts. Looks like they have really good control. It looks like the speed and control are much better here than they are in Korea. It’s going to be important for me to figure out what kinds of pitches I’m going to face right from camp in Okinawa, and I know I have to concentrate in every at bat.

Any pitchers you’re looking forward to facing?

The only pitchers I know are Dolis and Mateo, so… (laughs) I’ll get to know the other pitchers as I go along.

There’s plans to possibly use you as catcher in emergency situations.

I just want us to be champions this year, so wherever I’m told to play, I’ll do my best. If it helps us win, I’ll do it.

Last season you stole 10 bases. Your thoughts on base running?

I’m ready. I want to run whenever I can. I’m confident I can get it done. I want to contribute to the team with my legs, too.

What kind of personal goals do you have for yourself?

I have never set numbers for myself. If I say I want to hit 30 home runs, and I hit 30, then I am happy with 30. I don’t think about the numbers, but in the end the good numbers will show themselves, and that’s all I can hope for.

What kinds of things do you want to do in Japan other than baseball?

I don’t know anything right now, so I want to know everything. I want to learn the history, the culture, I want to go to Tokyo… I want to really know the culture.

What Japanese words do you know?

Arigato gozaimasu, konnichiwa, konbanwa.

What’s your impression of Hanshin fans?

I took some pictures with some fans today at the airport. Asian people are so warm-hearted and nice. I have seen videos of the game atmosphere, and it looks like there are a lot of fans coming out to games. I realized I need to get good results for these fans.

Any nicknames you want to be called?

When I was in the Dominican I was called Toro, which translates as Bull in Spanish. But I don’t mind any nickname the fans want to give me.

Give a shout out to the Hanshin fans.

Come out to the games. Last year the team finished in second, but this year I’m going to do what I can to help the team finish on top. Your cheering gives us strength, so I hope you can continue to cheer us on forever.


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