2017 Offseason Roster Shuffle

At season’s end, the Hanshin Tigers roster (top and farm combined) consisted of 69 players. The maximum allowed under NPB rules is 70. With that having been said, how has the team shaken out since the last game of the year on October 17?


RP #16 Yuya Andoh (39); IF #32 Ryota Arai (34); OF #99 Keisuke Kanoh (35)


RP #34 Kazuya Takamiya (36); RP #66 Akihiro Yanase (34); SP #97 Kojiro Tanabo (27)

Imports Released:

SP #75 Luis Mendoza (34); RP #20 Roman Mendez (27); IF #29 Eric Campbell (30); IF #48 Jason Rogers (29)

Development Contract Demotions:

OF #24 (now #124) Shintaro Yokota (22); RP #26 (now #126) Hiroaki Saiuchi (24)

Free Agent Departure:

IF #0 Yamato (30) – now with the Yokohama DeNA BayStars



SP #18 Kosuke Baba (22); SP #29 Haruto Takahashi; IF #4 Takahiro Kumagai (22); OF #53 Kairi Shimada (21); RP #34 Masaki Tanigawa (25); SP #66 Joichiro Maki (18). PLUS one development player, who does not count against roster limits.

Import Signings:

SP #26 Yen-Ching Lu (21); RP #48 Diego Moreno (30); IF #20 Wilin Rosario (28)

Cast-Off Signings:

IF #32 Noriharu Yamazaki (30); RP #27 Yuya Onaka (22) – compensation for Yamato



That’s the same number as we started last season with – always good to leave space in case a mid-season acquisition becomes necessary, or one of the development players suddenly shows promise.

Put in a different perspective, we lost:

  • 6 RHP + 1 LHP
  • 3 righty IF, 1 switch IF
  • 1 righty OF, 1 lefty OF

And we gained:

  • 5 RHP + 2 LHP
  • 3 righty IF
  • 1 lefty OF

Quite honestly, although I expect Rosario to play well, I still think the team needs one more import bat. Injuries, slumps, and other unforeseen problems could leave the team in a load of trouble if no further acquisitions are made. But on the whole, the team has pretty much had about the expected amount of turnover this offseason. Hope this 2018 squad has the right chemistry and development to win us a pennant!

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