Monthly Hanshin Tigers – November 2017

Another season has come to an end, and a few more players have shed their uniforms for the last time. This month’s magazine primarily takes a look at the careers of three long-time players: a veteran pitcher who started, closed and set up, a charming slugger who came in mid-career and showed bursts of potential, and steady pinch hitter (and one-time catcher).

– Monthly Impressive Shot – Gazing Up at the Crowd: Ryota Arai

Yuya Andoh‘s Retirement Game/Ceremony

– Press Conference Transcript – Ryota

– Special Interview – Andoh

– Special Interview – Ryota

Keisuke Kanoh‘s Retirement Game/Ceremony

– Special Interview – Kanoh

– Close-Up Interview – Yusuke Ohyama and Taiki Ono

– Monthly Tigers Review – Ohyama & Ono: Hopeful Core Players

– Farm Report – Masayuki Kakefu‘s Final Game; Fumihito Haraguchi, Daichi Takeyasu, Hiroto Saiki

– Tiger Beat Writer’s Angle – No Coincidences: The Fierce Bullpen

– Ultra Soul – Sachiko Ono: Koshien Museum Representative

– Archives – 1983 Monthly Tigers

– Ironman Chapter Two – Tomoaki Kanemoto: Iron Curtain Bullpen, Again!

– Photo Topics – 2017 GUNZE Climax Series First Stage

– Data Analysis – General Analysis of the 2017 Tigers’ Hitters and Pitchers

– Tigers 2017 Game Scores – September 21 – October 10


– 2017 Hanshin Tigers Junior Team Introduction

– Tora Link – former Hanshin Tiger Masakazu Miyauchi

– Ask His Teammates! – Andoh

– Coach’s Corner – Katsuo Hirata

Like I always say, if there is anything from this magazine you want to see translated/paraphrased/summarized, let me know! I’m always willing to try to help out fans who cannot read Japanese but want to know more about the team!

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