Monthly Hanshin Tigers – October 2017

The ex-captain and current NPB ironman extraordinaire made history at Koshien Stadium on September 8. This magazine commemorates his 2000th career hit (which makes him the second man in club history to record 2000 hits as a Tiger, after Taira Fujita) and more. Flipping through the pages of the magazine, I got to thinking. He reached 1999 hits in Hiroshima the night before. Surely the Tigers and Carp had prepared large, expensive bouquets in case he got that one extra hit. So what happened to those bouquets? I hope they really made a few people happy!

Anyways… for details about Hanshin’s October schedule (which is still not 100% set), click here. For an idea of what this issue will present you (if you shell out ¥500 to get it), look below. (And click on the picture to check out the magazine’s home page.)


– Photo Spread – He Did It At Koshien! Takashi Toritani

– Toritani’s Road to 2000 Hits

– Special Interview – ex-manager Akinobu Okada

– Monthly Tigers Review – Toritani: Mind, Skill and Body Fusion

– Tiger Beat Writer’s Angle – Suguru Iwazaki: Poker Face Out of the Bullpen

– Ultra Soul – Play-by-play man Masayuki Nakai

– Retirement Press Conferences – Yuya Andoh and Keisuke Kanoh

– Tigers Photo Topics – Walk Off Wins

– Pick up Interview – Seishiro Sakamoto: Becoming a Winning Catcher

– Farm Report – Koyo Aoyagi, Shun Takayama

– Please Take Care of My Son – Taiki Ono

– Farm Manager Column – Masayuki Kakefu

– Ironman Chapter Two – Tomoaki Kanemoto: The Postseason

– Tigers 2017 Game Scores – August 22 – September 20

– Data Analysis – Keys to Beating Climax Series Opponents, Toritani

– The Fact Is… – Masanori Fujihara on Atsushi Nohmi

– One Day Reporter – Two Ladies Interview Iwazaki

– Pop’n Talk – Yuto Morikoshi

– Tora Link – Osaka Evessa (basketball) Players Takuya Hashimoto and Hiroyuki Kinoshita

– Welcome to Hanshin, Volume 7 – Kenya Nagasaka

– Ask His Teammates! – Morikoshi

– Coach’s Corner – Katsuo Hirata

This month’s magazine came with the last 6 player cards in the 30-card set. October scored me Iwazaki, Takayama, Shintaro Fujinami, Fumiya Araki, Aoyagi, and Kento Itohara.

Like I always say, if there is anything from this magazine you want to see translated/paraphrased/summarized, let me know! I’m always willing to try to help out fans who cannot read Japanese but want to know more about the team!

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