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Who’d we Get for Yamato?

As most of you are aware, the best defensive player we’ve had this century has left the club for bluer pastures. That’s right. Yamato exercised his free agent rights and signed a three-year deal with the Yokohama DeNA BayStars, which is said t

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Former Tiger Imports: Luis Mendoza

Full Name: Luis Alonso Mendoza Rodriguez Name (Japanese): ルイス・メンドーサ Date of Birth: October 31, 1983 Hometown: Veracruz, Mexico Family Status: Married, 1 son, 1 daughter Height: 191 cm (6’3″) Weight: 111 kg (244 lb) Throws

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2017 Draftees Get Numbers

For pictures of the new guys in their uniforms, click here 🐯阪神入団発表会❗️😆 皆んな、頑張ってくれよな。👍#阪神タイガース — ⚾️埼とら⚾️来季も怪我無く! (@yakyuragu) Dece

The Mystery of the Hanshin Tigers

My original purpose for buying this book was that I thought it would provide me with good introduction fodder for my podcast. I took different clips from the book, paraphrased them, and reported that “Hanshin Tigers fans all around the world gathere

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Birthdays and History: December 2017

This is a test to see if you all want this type of calendar on H-TEN. It’s handwritten, and includes players’ birthdays as well as a few historical moments. (By the way, four guys who are celebrating birthdays this month have retired or been d

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Nikkei Baseball

It’s the offseason, and in my attempt to step away from the Tigers for a bit (this never TRULY happens, mind you), I pulled this book off my Kindle shelf and started to read through it. The book takes a look at how the sport – invented by Amer

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