Messenger Back in Japan, Hopes for 2 Regular Season Starts

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Randy Messenger started rehabbing his broken right fibula bone at Naruohama Ballpark on August 29th.

Wearing what looked like a boot on his right foot, he walked on to the field and played catch for 10 minutes. He threw from as far as 35 meters (115 feet). He threw with careful deliberation, paying close attention to the affected area.

The righty is hoping for a quick return to the field, and was paid a visit from team chairman Yotsufuji during the morning. He continued his workout at the team’s indoor facility inside the team dorm (Kofuso) in Naruohama.

The import was quoted about what to expect the rest of the season: “I was told that if I let it heal by itself in a cast, it was going to take 3 months. So I chose to get surgery done on it so I could come back a little quicker. Everything is going well so far, and if it keeps going well, I hope I can throw in a couple of games before season’s end. I don’t want to spend unnecessary time in the trainer’s room, so I’m going to rehab as hard as I can to get back quickly.”

At present, his leg has a plate with 5 bolts in it. Even so, the team’s ace has vowed to recover quickly. If he can get back by the third week of September, he will be able to throw in two games. Even while back in the States for the surgery, he says, “I kept up with the team on the internet,” showing his care for how the team is doing. He is 100% serious about coming back quickly. It seems like Messenger’s return to the mound isn’t so far away.

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