Monthly Hanshin Tigers – August 2017

A funny thing happened with the July 2017 edition mail-in contest. I enter it from time to time, and have yet to win. But they always ask you to make a comment about the magazine – requests or what have you. So I wrote: “I’m looking forward to the day when Marcos Mateo and Rafael Dolis grace the cover.” (I entered the contest around July 18, which happens to be the day the feature interview was done. So, no, I didn’t nudge them to do it. Just a really cool coincidence.) Click here to see the team’s August game schedule. And as for this magazine featuring the Dynamic Dominicans, here is the table of contents:


– Close-Up Interview – Mateo & Dolis: Vamos! The Dominican Victory Relay

– Tigers Monthly Review – Kentaro Kuwahara, Mateo, Dolis: 2017 Lifeline

– Tigers Photo Topics – Ultra Summer: The Return of Tsuyoshi Nishioka, the Addition of Jason Rogers, All-Star Game, More

– Pick up Interview – Yamato: Man on a Mission

– Tiger Beat Writer’s Angle – Takashi Toritani: Why He Stands Strong

– Ultra Soul – Team Interpreter Keisuke Tachibana

– Farm Report – Fumiya Hojoh, Minoru Iwata

– Farm Manager Column – Masayuki Kakefu

– Please Take Care of My Son – Shungo Fukunaga

– Ironman Chapter Two – Tomoaki Kanemoto: The Narrow Gate to Elite Status

– Tigers 2017 Game Scores – June 23 – July 19

– Data Analysis – Central League First Half Team Reports, Takumi Akiyama

– Pop’n Talk – Seishiro Sakamoto

– Tora Link – Comedian Seiji Chihara

– The Fact Is… – Masanori Fujihara on Ryota Arai

– Welcome to Hanshin, Volume 7 – Kosuke Fujitani

– Ask His Teammates! – Taiki Ono

– Coach’s Corner – Katsuo Hirata

This month’s magazine (and all issues through October) come with player cards. July scored me Kyuji Fujikawa, Akifumi Takahashi, Dolis, Toritani, Eric Campbell, Kosuke Fukudome.

Like I always say, if there is anything from this magazine you want to see translated/paraphrased/summarized, let me know! I’m always willing to try to help out fans who cannot read Japanese but want to know more about the team!

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