At the Game – Player-Themed Box Meals

Every season, Hanshin and Koshien Stadium release a new series of player-themed box meals available at games. Some are based on the players’ hometowns (and that area’s local specialty), some on the player’s favorite foods, and some on the player’s name. These meals are a little more expensive than regular fare you will find outside the stadium, but they come in a cool box and are usually designed in a more aesthetically-pleasing manner than regular bento boxes.

Here are a few that I have ordered over the past couple of seasons:

Powerful Fumihito Haraguchi Bento – pork cutlet, slices of grilled pork, more

Speed Star Tsuyoshi Nishioka – Hamburger patty, shrimp, chicken rice, more

Ryota Arai Powerful Grill Bento – Hamburger patty, shrimp, cutlet, rice pilaf, more

Randy Messenger “Messe-Sized” Ramen

When you go to Koshien, if you want to take your Hanshin Tigers experience just a little further, you must order one of these bad boys. Sometimes you even get a little trinket/prize for shelling out the extra yen!

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