2017 All-Star Voting – Vote Daily Until June 18!


You want Hanshin Tigers players in the All-Star Games this year, right? Last year we had 4 guys on the team, none of whom were voted in by fans (they were selected by the CL Manager): Fumihito Haraguchi, Shun Takayama, Shintaro Fujinami and Yuta Iwasada. Check this out, though. We’ve got 4 guys at the top of their respective positions, and a chance to get a few more up to the top, too!

先発 (SP) 中継ぎ (RP)
1 T. Sugano G 187,182 1 M. Mateo T 163,662
2 R. Valdes D 122,878 2 S. Mathieson G 147,771
3 R. Messenger T 107,779 3 J. Jackson C 144,616
4 Y. Nomura C 65,863 4 H. Iwase D 135,622
5 S. Fujinami T 49,483 5 T. Mikami DB 60,027
6 A. Nohmi T 36,457 抑え (Closer)
7 Y. Ogawa S 36,308 1 Y. Yamasaki DB 218,679
8 S. Imanaga DB 34,706 2 R. Dolis T 205,078
9 K. Yoshimi D 31,420 3 S. Tajima D 130,174
10 T. Akiyama T 26,461 4 R. Akiyoshi S 103,401
5 A. Caminero G 71,980
捕手 (C) 外野 (OF)
1 R. Umeno T 236,120   1 Y. Itoi T 321,493
2 S. Kobayashi G 215,567 2 Y. Tsutsugoh DB 298,094
3 Y. Nakamura S 92,360 3 S. Suzuki C 293,950
4 T. Aizawa C 85,332 4 Y. Ohshima D 223,631
5 Y. Tobashira DB 82,386 5 Y. Maru C 170,897
一塁 (1B) 6 S. Takayama T 151,476
1 T. Arai C 230,355 7 K. Fukudome T 148,180
2 S. Abe G 157,147 8 R. Hirata D 137,895
3 D. Viciedo D 148,643 9 B. Eldred C 127,671
4 F. Haraguchi T 139,617 10 A. Fujii D 84,702
5 J. Lopez DB 108,680
二塁 (2B) 遊撃 (SS)
1 R. Kikuchi C 278,377 1 H. Sakamoto G 299,870
2 T. Yamada S 222,691 2 Y. Kyoda D 162,936
3 M. Araki D 134,477 3 K. Tanaka C 135,171
4 H. Uemoto T 125,156   4 F. Hojoh T 132,894
5 D. Nakai G 35,988 5 K. Ohbiki S 62,061
三塁 (3B)
1 T. Toritani T 330,712
2 C. McGehee G 146,237
3 T. Abe C 127,638
4 A. Guerrero D 116,115
5 T. Miyazaki DB 64,163

And now, here’s how you vote. First of all, you are allowed to vote once a day, every day until June 18. Second, on the ballot, you will see a whole lot of Japanese. If you can’t read Japanese, that’s OK. Vote for the players with a T next to their names. (It stands for Tigers! If you want to vote for another player and can’t read the names, and want help… TOUGH. I’m not helping people vote against the Tigers players!

So here’s what you do. First, click on this picture. It will take you to the voting site. On the first day, you have to “register” yourself. Follow my directions below.

The register button is the one on the left that says 会員登録. (On subsequent days, when you go to the site above, click the right button, which will take you to your ballot.) So… to register, first you have to click on the blue button at the bottom of the first screen you’re on. The next screen looks like this:

Line one is obviously your e-mail address. The next two lines are a password you are to create and re-enter. Needs to be 4-16 characters in length (hten works fine as a password). Then write your name in the two blanks next to 氏名. You can use English. Finally, you need a postal code – I’m not sure how important this is, but if you’re not in Japan, you can probably enter anything, I’m not sure. But if you absolutely need one, 001-8588 works (Hokkaido Automobile Tax Office). If you want to be on the NPB.jp mailing list, select はい and if not, leave the いいえ bullet highlighted. Then click the blue 確認 button. You get a chance to confirm your entry on the next screen – make sure it’s alright, and click the 仮登録 button. You will get an e-mail sent to your inbox.

When you reach this screen, you can click the blue TOPへ戻る button.

In your e-mail, you will see a line like this:

You have 24 hours to act on it. Click it, and you’re all set. Your internet browser is probably still at the all-star page, but not the voting page… so you have to click the ファン投票 words, and then back on the page you see in the graphic above, click on the big orange (subliminal attempt to get more Kyojin votes?) ファン投票 button on the right.

From there, you should be able to vote in the Tigers players. To make things easier, on the voting screen just click on the Hanshin logo at the top… all the players’ names will show up. Basically, click on the player’s name, and then the part of the field you want to vote him in to. If you do things right (that is, if you vote guys into their actual positions), your field will look like this:

Anyways, do your part, everyone. Share this post with all your NPB (that is, Hanshin Tigers) loving friends, so they can vote for the players on our team. Let’s represent in 2017!

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