You Need These Shirts!

Kakehashi Sports – Stylish Hanshin Merchandise

Well, not necessarily these particular shirts – they’ve already been on my back, and you’ll probably want something new. Not to mention, even though I like Mauro Gomez and all, he’s not even a member of the team anymore. And Ryota Arai may not be far behind, either.


That being the case, you need to go check out Kakehashi Sports and see what new, creative merchandise is coming your way as a Hanshin Tigers fan. Here’s a couple of newer t-shirts I think are pretty cool.

In case you want to know more about what the company stands for, here’s a short video.

I have spoken with the founder of Kakehashi Sports, Mr. William Brooks, and the man is passionate about his favorite team, and also reaching the world with goods and services otherwise hard for people to obtain. “Kakehashi” is literally a bridge that connects two otherwise disconnected things, and through his company (merchandise is just the start of many great things to come), bridges will connect people worldwide. Give them a follow on Facebook and/or Twitter! And buy a shirt or two, too! You need them! You know you do!

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