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Two Young Farm Arms

Original Article Can Be Seen Here 元の記事はこちら Fumihito Haraguchi and Fumiya Hojoh joined the farm squad as they played the Orix Buffaloes second team on the 15th. On the 16th, Shun Takayama got some playing time (and has since been farmed out

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Iwasada Implodes, Immediately Evicted

  To save you from having to read a depressing series recap, this report comes to you a little early with a bit of a startling move by Tomoaki Kanemoto and the Hanshin Tigers. Pitcher Yuta Iwasada, who once again struggled mightily (with perhaps his

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Why Are Star Players Defecting?

When I was looking for a good book to read around this time last year, I happened to also hear about (and soon thereafter, befriend) former Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles GM Marty Kuehnert. I checked his site, saw that he had written a bunch of books, and f

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