Episode 58 – Keys to Pennant Contention

T-Ray recaps the 6 games over the past week (3 @ Dragons, 3 @ Giants), chooses a player of the week, shares the latest team news, and then talks about what Hanshin needs to do in order to be in contention for the pennant at the end of 2017. How many wins do you think Hanshin will end up with? Will they win the pennant? Send us an e-mail (thehanshintigers@gmail.com) with your opinion. The show ends with T-Ray’s fearless predictions about the upcoming 6 games (3 vs. BayStars, 3 vs. Dragons).

Closing song – Hanshin Tigers – Sim Redmond Band

Recorded on April 24, 2017

#58 – Fumiya Araki (2011-present)

#58 – Casey Fossum (2010)

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