Episode 56 – Early Season Issues

T-Ray is joined by former oendan helper Eric (2008-11) to talk about all the latest Hanshin news. Find out about the incredible fateful moment Eric found Hanshin, his involvement with the cheering squad, and his take on the 2017 team. Together, we discuss the 5 games (3 vs. Yakult, 2 vs. Yomiuri) from the past week, including the news-making brawl on Tuesday night. Then we pick up on a few areas Hanshin needs work the rest of the season. What are Hanshin’s strengths and weaknesses so far in your opinion? Send us an e-mail (thehanshintigers@gmail.com) with your opinion. The show ends with our fearless predictions about the upcoming 6 games (3 @ Yokohama, 3 vs. Hiroshima).

Closing song – Hanshin Tigers – Sim Redmond Band

Recorded on April 11, 2017

#56 – Ryoma Matsuda (2012-present)

#56 – Mike Solomko (1960-63)

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