Around Koshien – Tigers Goods “Tora Tora”

If you were to head out of Koshien directly behind the museum entrance, you will see a shopping mall called Lalaport Koshien. Follow the road south past Lalaport, and on the same side of the road, you will come across this shop:

Its name says タイガースグッズ、虎虎. The first part is easy – Tigers Goods. The second part could be read “Tora Tora” (Tiger Tiger) or “Koko” (a homophone for ‘here’). The shop is full of yellow and black merchandise… ever wonder where people get those huge baggy pants with all the slogans/stitch-ons on them? This would be one of those shops. If you get to Koshien Stadium early, take a short walk down the road and see if you can find something extra to wear at the game. Yes, you too can add to the notoriety of crazed Hanshin fans!

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