Episode 54 – Central League Predictions

T-Ray invites 9 guests to the show to give their Central League final standings predictions. T-Ray also gives predictions about which player will lead the team in each big category. Who do you have leading the Tigers in batting average, home runs, runs batted in, stolen bases, wins, earned run average, and saves? Send us an e-mail (thehanshintigers@gmail.com) with your fearless forecast.

The picks from this episode, plus Twitter follow information:

T-Ray Aaron Arnaud Christian Max NPB Tracker PictureMan Westbay Z-Man Zorny
@ thehanshintiger aaronjmajors GraveyardBall MistaMaxG npbtracker mrpictureman CurseOfTheZ
1 Hiroshima Carp (5.5) Tigers (2.5) Tigers (3) Carp (5) Carp (5) Carp Giants BayStars Carp (6) Carp (5)
2 Hanshin Tigers Carp Giants Giants BayStars Tigers Tigers Carp BayStars Giants
3 DeNA BayStars Giants Carp Tigers (1) Tigers BayStars Carp Dragons Giants Tigers (3)
4 Yomiuri Giants Swallows BayStars BayStars Giants Giants BayStars Giants Tigers BayStars
5 Chunichi Dragons BayStars Swallows Swallows Swallows Swallows Swallows Tigers Swallows Swallows
6 Yakult Swallows Dragons Dragons Dragons Dragons Dragons Dragons Swallows Dragons Dragons

Closing song – Hanshin Tigers – Sim Redmond Band

Recorded on March 30, 2017

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