Monthly Hanshin Tigers – February 2017

This day marks the beginning of spring training every year for Japanese baseball teams. The Hanshin Tigers’ top squad is down in Ginoza, Okinawa, while the second squad opens in Aki, Kochi. Click here for more details about the spring schedule. In any case, some of the players have been down in Okinawa for much of January as well, training so they will be ready for the grind of skipper Tomoaki Kanemoto‘s drills and regimen. Among them is this month’s cover man, whose subordinates created “Team Nohmi” t-shirts for them to wear while working out. Anyways, here is the table of contents of this month’s magazine:

– Close-Up Interview – Atsushi Nohmi

– Tigers Monthly Review – The Key to Stability: Atsushi Nohmi

– Tigers Photo Topics – Rookie Voluntary Group Workouts; Other Athletes’ Workouts

– Monthly Tigers Archives, Volume 7: 1980

– Ginoza (Okinawa) Camp Information

– Ironman Chapter Two – An Ironman’s Dilemma

– Welcome to Hanshin, Volume 1 – Akihiro Yanase

– Player’s Note – Ryota Arai

– Pop’N Talk – Naomasa Yohkawa

– Tora Link: Daisuke Ohhata (Former Team Japan rubgy player)

– Coach’s Corner – Katsuo Hirata

– Ask His Teammates! – Yutaro Itayama

– 2017 Hanshin Tigers Schedule, Events/Promos at Koshien

– Farm Report – Tsuyoshi Ishizaki and 2017 Draftees

– Farm Manager Column – Masayuki Kakefu

Like I always say, if there is anything from this magazine you want to see translated/paraphrased/summarized, let me know! I’m always willing to try to help out fans who cannot read Japanese but want to know more about the team!

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