Monthly Hanshin Tigers – January 2017

It’s a new year, and for (at least) the third consecutive January, the team manager graces the magazine’s cover. In 2015 it was Yutaka Wada, and for the second straight year now, Tomoaki Kanemoto gets interviewed about his thoughts on the upcoming year and season. And for the first time in 14 months, I am not translating the feature interview! Those who subscribed to H-TEN Premium in 2016 got 12 free interview translations, but they have since been removed from the website. Still, the spoils of the Kickstarter campaign (whose 1-year anniversary is today) is 29 free articles for everyone: the best Japanese players in team history (including the two men listed and linked above), and the most impactful imports since 1960. Before I get too carried away, here are the contents of this month’s magazine:

– Close-Up Interview – Tomoaki Kanemoto

– Tigers Monthly Review – Iron Man’s Challenge: Tomoaki Kanemoto

– Yoshio Itoi’s Press Conference

– 2017 Rookies Opening Press Conference

– Young Tiger Interview: Yutaro Itayama

– A Look Back at CL Rookie of the Year Shun Takayama‘s 2016 Season

– Monthly Tigers Archives, Volume 6: 2004

– Ironman Chapter Two – Tomoaki Kanemoto and Free Agency

– Player’s Note – Kai Ueda

– Selected Tools: Mizuno Baseball Gloves

– One Day Reporter: Ryutaro Umeno

– Pop’N Talk – Taiga Egoshi

– Tora Link: Eiju Tsukiyama (Former Tiger) and Yutaka Wada (Senior Advisor)

– Coach’s Corner – Katsuo Hirata

– Ask His Teammates! – Koyo Aoyagi

– Masanori Fujihara – The truth is… – Keisuke Kanoh

– Farm Report – Shungo Fukunaga

– Asia Winter League 2016 Report

– Farm Manager Column – Masayuki Kakefu

Like I always say, if there is anything from this magazine you want to see translated/paraphrased/summarized, let me know! I’m always willing to try to help out fans who cannot read Japanese but want to know more about the team!

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