Monthly Hanshin Tigers – October 2016

Fresh blood on this month’s Monthly Hanshin Tigers cover! I have been expecting this lad to grace the cover for awhile now, and at last the time has come! The magazine arrived a day before it hit stands, one of the perks of being a subscriber. I also received a little envelope with 6 player cards with my magazine… by year’s end I’ll have the entire collection of 30! Here’s the rundown of the rest of the magazine’s contents. H-TEN Premium Subscribers, you’ll receive your interview translation a little later in the month!

2016octobercover– Monthly Impressive Shot – Hiroki Uemoto

– Close-Up Interview – Fumiya Hojoh

– Ex-Tiger Interview – Hiroshi Yagi

– Tigers Monthly Review – Steps on the Road to Success (Hojoh)

– Game Digest & Topics – Don’t Stop the Ultra Reform!

– Pop’N Talk – Yuta Iwasada

– One Day Reporter – Fumihito Haraguchi

– Monthly Hanshin Tigers Archives, Volume 4 – 1984

– Ironman Chapter Two – Ousted from Playoffs, Old Team Gets Crowned

– Player’s Note – Masahiro Nakatani

– Data Analysis – Where’s the Gap Between Us & Upper Echelon? & Hojoh’s Sudden Rise

– 2016 Tigers Game Review – August 23 – September 19

– Tora Link – Author Hiroshi Ogihara

– Coach’s Corner – Katsuo Hirata

– Ask His Teammates! – Haraguchi

– Farm Report – The Year in Review (Naomasa Yohkawa, Atsushi Mochizuki, Kazuyuki Kaneda)

– Next Generation Interview – Kai Ueda

– Naruohama Information – Kakefu’s Look Back

Hard to believe the season is already done. It was long, but it feels short now that it’s over! Still, the updates will continue in the offseason, and whatever good stuff I glean from the magazine, I will share with you!

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