Monthly Hanshin Tigers – September 2016

I am starting to wonder if Monthly Hanshin Tigers does its cover stories in cycles. The man on the front also graced the cover last year in September. As a subscriber, I also received a little envelope with 6 player cards with my magazine… by year’s end I’ll have the entire collection of 30! Here’s the rundown of the rest of the magazine’s contents. H-TEN Premium Subscribers, you’ll receive your interview translation a little later in the month!

2016SeptemberCover– Monthly Impressive Shot – Kosuke Fukudome

– Close-Up Interview – Randy Messenger

– Fan Survey – Who’s the Key to Tigers’ September Success?

– Game Digest & Topics – 3 Big Wins at Kyocera; Fukudome’s Cycle

– New Player Catalog – Seishiro Sakamoto

– Tigers Monthly Review – Conditions on Becoming a Legend (Messenger)

– Pop’N Talk – Shintaro Fujinami

– Tora Link – Actor/Director Eiji Okuda

– As a Matter of Fact, Vol 3 – Fukudome

– Ironman Chapter Two – Tomoaki Kanemoto and Foreign Players

– Player’s Note – Koyo Aoyagi

– Data Analysis – Young Tigers’ Growth & Messenger’s Numbers

– 2016 Tigers Game Review – July 22 – August 21

– Coach’s Corner – Katsuo Hirata

– Ask His Teammates! – Marcos Mateo

– Next Generation Interview – Atsushi Mochizuki

– Farm Report – Taichi Okazaki

– Take Care of My Son – Daichi Takeyasu

– Naruohama Information – Takumi Akiyama

I’ve already read through the Messenger parts – all really good! Can’t wait to get the subscribers (and the Messenger family) a translation of the interview!

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