Monthly Hanshin Tigers – August 2016

I thought for sure we would see someone else on the cover of the new Monthly Hanshin Tigers. But then why not put the 2,000 hit man front and center? He also graced the cover last year in August. As a subscriber, I also received a little envelope with 6 player cards with my magazine… by year’s end I’ll have the entire collection of 30! Here’s the rundown of the rest of the magazine’s contents. H-TEN Premium Subscribers, you’ll receive your interview translation a little later in the month!

  • 2016AugustCoverMonthly Impressive Shot – Tsuyoshi Nishioka
  • Close-Up Interview – Kosuke Fukudome
  • Playback – Fukudome
  • Game Digest & Topics – Let’s All Claw Our Way Up Higher
  • New Player Catalog – Daichi Takeyasu
  • Tigers Monthly Review – Foundation of Kanemoto’s Tigers
  • One-Day Journalist – Yamato
  • Tora Link – Jin Nakatani
  • Monthly Tigers Archive, Vol. 3 – 1993
  • Ironman Chapter Two – Kanemoto’s 2000th Hit
  • Player’s Note – Rafael Dolis
  • Data Analysis – Tigers’ Midsummer Key & Fukudome’s Numbers
  • 2016 Tigers Game Review – June 24-July 20
  • Coach’s Corner – Katsuo Hirata
  • Ask His Teammates! – Shun Takayama
  • As a Matter of Fact, Vol 2 – Randy Messenger
  • Farm Report – Yutaro Itayama, Seishiro Sakamoto, Koki Moriya, Koyo Aoyagi, Shintaro Yokota
  • Take Care of My Son – Itayama
  • Naruohama Information – Cody Satterwhite

Should be a good one, and with summer vacation upon us, this might be a quick read for me! Go Tigers!

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