Podcast Episode 28


Host T-Ray and co-host Joe talk in detail about the six games at Koshien (vs. Giants, vs. BayStars). We choose our players of the week, players of the month, discuss potential farm moves, get a fantasy update, and predict the week to come as well. Also, two new ways for you, the listener, to get involved in the H-TEN experience!

Opening song – 君は君だけ – Kimi wa Kimi dake (Hakugaijin)

Closing song – 夕焼け – Yuuyake (Ukulele Punk Girl)

Recorded on May 1, 2016

Got good pictures of yourself at Koshien? Send them our way and we’ll post them on the H-TEN site! Interested in helping T-Ray shape his presentation about Japanese baseball? Send a blank e-mail to:  podcast@thehanshintigers.com . I will send you a questionnaire in a week or so.

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