Monthly Hanshin Tigers – May 2016

A full month of baseball is behind us, and the most exciting change the Tigers have made is the injection of youth in the starting lineup. The newest edition of MHT highlights this new change. Check the table of contents below to find out what is included in this one. Following last month‘s trend, the cover boys, Shintaro Yokota (20) and Shun Takayama (23), are both young recently drafted prospects who are expected to do great things. For people who have subscribed to H-TEN Premium, you will get to read the feature interview later this month. The rest of you are free to ask questions or request other information from me – and if I have the time, I’ll help you out!


  • Picture of the Month
  • Opening Month Feature: Ultra Reform Season, Chapter 1
  • Close-up Interview: Inspiring Change – Shun Takayama and Shintaro Yokota
  • Tigers Monthly Review: Bright Hope from the Start
  • New Player Catalogue ’16: Yutaro Itayama
  • One Day Diary Interview: Keisuke Kanoh
  • Toralink: Ryuta Satoh
  • Tora Column: Ai Ohkawa
  • 2016 Hanshin Tigers Ticket & Event Information
  • Pop ‘N Talk: Rafael Dolis
  • Monthly Hanshin Tigers Archive: Volume 1, 1978
  • Iron Man Chapter 2 – Part 2
  • Player’s Note: Stepping Up: Taiga Egoshi
  • Coach’s Corner: Katsuo Hirata Q & A
  • Data Analysis: Ultra Reform by the Numbers (thru 4/17)
  • Our Young Tigers of the Future
  • Farm Report: Koki Moriya & Naomasa Yohkawa
  • Next Generation Interview: Koyo Aoyagi
  • Take Care of my Son: Atsushi Mochizuki
  • Farm Manager Masayuki Kakefu’s Column

Looking forward to reading this one, as I do every month!

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