Fantasy Tigers – Scores/Standings as of 4/10

Here is a breakdown of each player’s grand totals so far:

Name AVG R HR RBI SB IP W K WHIP ERA Hit Points Pitch Points Total
T-Ray .260 54.9 13.2 63.9 4.6 92.3 6.6 82.1 1.47 3.41 14 13 27
James .224 36.1 1 29.4 5 81.7 4.8 60.5 1.43 3.64 7 9 16
Fernando .239 42.2 5.9 31.2 3.7 68.9 2.9 65.2 1.38 3.66 9 8 17

Remember, the reason for the decimal points in all the categories is that ni-gun (farm) statistics register at a 10% discounted rate. (A home run on the farm is only worth 0.9 fantasy homers, etc.)

So the owner whose team is leading a category gets 3 points, and the owner whose team is losing a category gets one. The middle guy gets two points. With ten categories, that means a maximum score of 30 and a minimum of 10. At present, T-Ray is winning by a wide margin… but just like a lead in real baseball this early in the season… nothing’s safe! Everything can change quickly!

We’ll keep you posted, and if I can find a clean, reader-friendly way to post the detailed breakdowns of each team’s stats, I will next time! In case you missed the last post, you can click here to see the draft results so you will know who landed on which team.

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