Monthly Hanshin Tigers – April 2016

The new fiscal and school year in Japan brings about new changes to the Hanshin Tigers’ magazine as well. And as this is the first magazine of the new season, it is a thick one! Check the table of contents below to find out what is included in this one. The cover boy, as you can see, is Shintaro Fujinami. For people who have subscribed to H-TEN Premium, you will get to read the feature interview later this month. The rest of you are free to ask questions or request other information from me – and if I have the time, I’ll help you out!


  • Close-up Interview: Pitcher Power in Full Bloom: Shintaro Fujinami
  • Special Interview: Norihiro Akahoshi
  • Another Side View: Shintaro Fujinami
  • Current Observations: Curtain Opens on Ultra Reform, Year 1
  • 2016 Central League Analysis
  • Koshien Food and Ticket Information
  • Pop ‘N Talk: Marcos Mateo
  • Center Pull-Out: All Tigers Profiles; Season Calendar
  • Iron Man Chapter 2 – Part 1
  • Player’s Note: Breaking Out: Akifumi Takahashi
  • New Player Catalogue ’16: Atsushi Mochizuki
  • Ask Teammates About: Taichi Okazaki
  • Farm Report: 2016 Season Week 1; Kojiro Tanabo
  • Take Care of My Son: Koyo Aoyagi
  • Coach’s Corner: Katsuo Hirata Q & A

Should be an amazing issue, as they all are!

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