Opening Day! Roster & Starting Lineup

The first squad (ichi gun = 一軍) was announced the other day, and there are 27 players on it. There is a marked shortage of pitchers, because the team will call up its anticipated starters for the March 29-31 series @ Yakult at a later date. That means three of the players (presumably hitters) will be sent down after this weekend’s series vs. Chunichi.

Let’s play a game! See how many of these guys you can name without their names listed! If you don’t know the answer, click on the picture. You will be magically transported to the player’s profile.


13enokida2016  26saiuchi2016  28fukuhara2016

34takamiya2016  38mateo2016  41takahashi2016


Starting Pitchers

14nohmi2016  18fujikawa2016  54messenger2016


44umeno2016  57okazaki2016


1toritani2016  2hojoh2016  4uemoto2016

5gomez2016  7nishioka2016  36hague2016

49imanari2016  58araki2016


0yamato2016  8fukudome2016  9takayama2016

24yokota2016  25egoshi2016  65ogata2016


Anticipated Starting Line-Up

  1. Takayama (LF)
  2. Yokota (CF)
  3. Nishioka (2B)
  4. Fukudome (RF)
  5. Gomez (1B)
  6. Toritani (SS)
  7. Hague (3B)
  8. Okazaki (C)
  9. Messenger (P)

Facing Yudai Ohno and the Chunichi Dragons tonight. Check here for the podcast previewing our opponents. Let’s GO TIGERS!!!

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