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 On Wednesday, I got to line up and get an autograph from Mauro Gomez. Many others were around me, but I was the only one who could speak with him in English… so I said he was looking great and that we are excited for a great 2016 from him. He said thanks and that he is feeling awesome. He also signed my Tigers jersey for me.


In case you missed it, Matt Murton has reportedly agreed to a minor-league deal with his old MLB team, the Chicago Cubs. When told of this, Gomez said he was really happy for his ex-teammate and that he wishes him nothing but the best in the US. (I found this in an article, I did not hear it myself.)

haguebpspringApparently on my day off from camp (I was sick and bedridden), Matt Hague also had an off-day. He was at camp, but apparently made a bad throw during fielding practice and “only” hit 3 of the 50 balls he swung at over the fence. Said Hague, who was told by Gomez beforehand that Japanese baseball camp was hard, “It’s been hard, to tell you the truth. I’m surprised to see how well the other guys move around. It’s like they’re already set for the season.”

Let’s hope the day off does him some good and that the weekend is a good one for him, Gomez, and the rest of the imports.

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