Monthly Hanshin Tigers January 2016

We are still three full days from the start of 2016, but the first Monthly Hanshin Tigers magazine of the new year is here! With most people heading “home” for the holidays, the publication hit newsstands a little early and got to subscribers a day ahead of the curve. For the third month in a row, the cover features new manager Tomoaki Kanemoto, this time posing with first round draft pick Shun Takayama. The table of contents looks like this:

  • 2016JanuaryCoverClose up Interview: Tomoaki Kanemoto
  • Special Feature: 2015 Draftees Inaugural Press Conference
  • Other “new” Faces: Kyuji Fujikawa and Akifumi Takahashi‘s Press Conferences
  • Another Side View: Tomoaki Kanemoto
  • Stripe Report: Starting the New Year with Ultra Reform
  • Tigers’ Diary (Memories of 1985): Yoshihiro Nakata
  • Player’s Note: Taichi Okazaki
  • 2015 Offseason Topics
  • Hanshin Tigers 2015 Fan Appreciation Day Report
  • Let’s Ask Teammates About: Ryota Imanari
  • Young Tigers’ Conversation: Taiga Egoshi x Ryutaro Umeno x Masahiro Nakatani
  • Tigers Farm Report: Asia Winter Baseball, more
  • Pop’N Talk: Shinya Azuhata
  • Yasushi Shimao’s Toralink: Yutaka Wada
  • Hirata’s Dojo (Reader Questions)

My plan was to offer a translation of the headline interview to backers of my Kickstarter campaign, but since I am less than halfway to my target with just 4 days to go, I’m guessing this service will not be necessary. Sorry to those who promised to back me!

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