Extra Magazines, Extra History Lessons

You wouldn’t think it would be a hard task to find a newly published Hanshin Tigers magazine in the Kansai area… and yet I went to major bookstores in Sannoymiya (Kobe), Ashiya and Nishinomiya and came up fruitless. FINALLY today I found it! In Himeji, of all places! So here’s the book I searched high and low for:


It lists all the foreigners who have ever played on the first squad for Hanshin Tigers. It includes guys who (I’m guessing – need to read/investigate more before knowing for sure) somehow acquired American citizenship in Hawaii, though they appear to be Japanese by name. Anyways, it also has a bunch of great interviews and features on the more prominent imports, including Randy Bass, Jeff Williams, Gene Bacque and more. Those who support my Kickstarter campaign will benefit from a lot of the information in here, as well as that found in…


This one is the “Japanese half-brother” of the other magazine, and lists all 724 players in the team’s history. Again, a lot of the information I get from reading this magazine will help give the Kickstarter pledgers their monthly rewards!

Looking forward to a great 2016 with you all! (Don’t worry, I’ve got a few more posts coming this year yet, including one more podcast.) Don’t forget to support my Kickstarter campaign soon! Deadline is January 2!

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