A Brush with Greatness – Cyber-style

Yesterday my fellow Hanshin Tigers fan Peter Gibson, who lives down in Australia and will be featured on the next podcast, dropped a bomb on his Facebook page: he and Tigers legend (that word is practically an understatement, as he is practically deified in Kansai) Randy Bass became Facebook friends. Guess who’s a little jelly?

So I thought, “If he can do it, so can I!” Randy Bass. Click. Add friend. Click. “We’re sorry. This person has reached the maximum number of friends and cannot add any more.” What a surprise. But what a kick in the shins!

So I did the next best thing: commented on my friend’s status on which he tagged the man.



So he’s coming back to Kansai this December, as he did last year! Awesome! I wonder when? It didn’t take long before one of the H-TEN faithful gave me the answer to a question I hadn’t even posed.

So he’s already here! And he was at “my” Costco today? And I was at work? All the way on the other side of the prefecture? That would never do! So either I go to Kyoto tomorrow (two prefectures away) or I wait until he goes to Umeda Hanshin Department Store as Santa. When will that be? A little research tells me…

Saturday and Sunday! Sweet! I never work on… ohhhhh wait, I work this Saturday! And Sunday is the biggest church service of the year for us! And my wife is doing a special performance! What’s a man to do?

Perhaps I’ll have to settle for the promise he made me in the above conversation… *sigh* I want to meet the man! In person!


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