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Dear H-TEN readers, listeners, and all Hanshin Tigers fans,

Hanshin Tigers English News has been in operation for just over 18 months now. We hope you have been satisfied with the services we have offered in the past. We also hope to continue to offer you high quality coverage of the Hanshin Tigers in English in 2016 and beyond.

We have had a number of people contact us asking how they could help. The best thing you can do is spread the news to your friends and fellow Hanshin Tigers fans. Tell them about the website, the Facebook group, the Facebook page, the podcast, my Twitter account, etc.

Now, H-TEN is venturing into the world of “business” by offering premium services on this website. Many of the details can be seen by clicking here. If you feel inclined to do so, please consider signing up for a premium subscription to H-TEN for 2016.

If the cost does not fit your budget at present, we understand. You can continue to enjoy quality news reports and information here for free. The most important thing is that the Hanshin Tigers community come together and cheer this team on to success next year and beyond.

If you ever have any questions (about this campaign or anything Tigers-related), drop me a line at:

All my best,


H-TEN Founder

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T-Ray is the founder, chief writer and Junior Executive Vice President of Hanshin Tigers English News (H-TEN). Find him on Twitter @thehanshintiger.