Podcast Episode 14

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Co-hosts T-Ray and James talk about the Hanshin Tigers fall camp, Fan Appreciation Day, new acquisitions in the past month, and potential starters on the 2016 roster. Special interview with Hanshin Tigers legendary pitcher Gene Bacque as well! It’s a longer episode than usual but we hope you find it worth the listen.

Opening song – 君は君だけ: Kimi wa Kimi dake (Hakugaijin)

Closing song – 夕焼け: Yuuyake (Aki Bubeck – Ukulele Punk Girl)

Recorded November 24, 2015

What is your idea 2016 lineup? What costume should Tomoaki Kanemoto dress up in at the 2016 Fan Appreciation Day? Send us your feedback at: podcast@thehanshintigers.com

 Click here to watch the high school batting routine video.

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T-Ray is the founder, chief writer and Junior Executive Vice President of Hanshin Tigers English News (H-TEN). Find him on Twitter @thehanshintiger.