I won! I won!

I’m not sure how many different draws I entered. At least three, I think. This year’s Hanshin Tigers Fan Appreciation Day will be held on November 21 (Saturday) at Koshien Stadium and features a lot of great mini-events. I tried winning through the fan club, the regular contest and finally, the Monthly Hanshin Tigers magazine. Since the deadline for entering was 3 days ago, and the event is just 8 days from now, I had all but given up hope that I would win.

But today when I got home from work, this was waiting for me in the mailbox:


I’ll forgive them for misspelling my name…

I opened it to find these. Not the best seats in the house by any means, but I won’t look this gift horse in the mouth! Take the tickets and run!


Left field stands. Never had seats there before!

You can be assured I will post something about the event after I take it all in! Should be good times! Is anyone else out there going? If so, maybe we can meet up before or after!

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